Thank you for checking out my Free Stuff page. First of all I'd like to reinforce that I'm not trying to make any money off this site; and that I'm just trying to get some free stuff for myself and my friends. I will continue to update this site regularly and will post comments when I can.

I am also developing a form to submit once you sign up, for all the referral links and such. Further, I will set up a database with sign-up dates, and will send you an email 3 weeks from when you signed up as a thank you and as a reminder that your free trial offers will expire soon.


-Each item has its own line, so sign up for as many as you can-

Free 20G Ipod or Ipod Mini

Free 40Gig Photo Ipod

Free Ipod Shuffle

Free Sony PSP portable video game/video player

Free flat screen monitors

Free ps2/xbox/etc game systems

Free Mini Mac Computer

Free Desktop PC

Free Digital Camera


Some basic requirements

To receive your iPod, PhotoiPod, FlatScreen, DesktopPC,etc:

When signing up and completing offers, always use Internet Explorer. These sites have had problems in the past with other browsers. Play it safe!


Note: These offers require a Credit Card to complete, though many will not bill you.

If you do not wish to share your credit card, there are options available. Many banks will sell you "charged" cards that have a certain amount of funds on them. Additionally, PayPal Premium Business customers may use a "Virtual Credit Card" to register for one of the above. You can purchase a charged-value credit card at Coinstar stations (usually at grocery stores) for a $9.95 service fee. Finally, MySimon and WebCertificate both sell online charged-value credit cards. Note that webcertificates can be loaded with under $20, even though it says that that is the minumum. Their service fee is $2.95.

Important notice

The following activities are against the terms of service and WILL result in a hold:

Please complete your requirements in a legitimate manner in order to ensure that this wonderful program continues.

How the LINE works:

Ok, the line works in a simple fashion. Basically its set up so we can all get free stuff with less work and so there are no wasted referrals. The line looks like this: (using the regular ipod, 5 referrals as an example)

NOTE: only the top line of the line will show at the top of this page as it is the current active referring link The numbers represent the 5 referrals you need to get your free ipod. When you sign up, send and email to and complete 1 offer; and i will add you to the next 5 spots on the line. Then I will remove the top line from the line; which will then read as so:

Then you refer your friend to this URL, who also emails and completes 1 offer (using the referral links below-which will contain your link as you are at the top of the line). Then I will remove the top line from the line, and add your friend's links to the line. At this point, when 4 more people sign up (and get added to the line) you get your free ipod.

So, why is this line beneficial?

How do I keep the line fair?

If this isn't a scam, explain how this can be legit?

My hosting company and myself are not responsible for any loss of time or money as a result of this page. I make no guarantees in regards to this offer. All names and trademarks, including but not limited to, iPod, Apple, Gratis Internet, and are owned by their respective copyright holders. I have no affiliation with any of the aforementioned companies. By accessing this page, you agree to the terms above.